Building Advanced Clinical Skills - Smile From Within
building advanced clinical skills ebook cover

Build the right clinical skills to accelerate your career

Guidelines & criteria for helping you decide the next advanced procedure to learn. This free guide will teach you a data and patient-based method for choosing your next clinical skill. You’ll also learn a values-based approach to planning your care.


Perform advanced procedures sooner

Scale up compensation and make an even bigger difference in your patients’ lives. Build a foundation for advanced skills and learn to connect procedures to each patient’s current level of health. Advance in your clinical proficiency and reach career milestones sooner.

Learn the Path to Health
approach of structuring care

Learn to prioritize skills
based on patient need

See how fundamental skills
pave the way

How to build a system for
delivering advanced procedures

See how to grow at every
career stage

building advanced clinical skills ebook cover


What's inside?

  1. Introduction

  2. Stage One: Emergency Relief

  3. Stage Two: Understand Each Other Fully

  4. Stage Three: Make a Plan Together

  5. Stage Four: Get Active Disease Under Control

  6. Stage Five: Rebuild for the Long Run

  7. Stage Six: Stay Healthy Together