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Grow your dental group the healthy way

Every dental practice eventually faces challenges that get in the way of growth. We know, because we've been there. Instead of reinventing the wheel, use our growth platform to implement reliable, value-driven systems within your group to treat those conditions instead of just the symptoms and finally grow—the healthy way.

Start the Path to Health for each aspect of your dental group

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Grow without losing sight of who you are

As your group grows, managing your team becomes more difficult and it can feel like the things that made your practice special get lost. Every one of your team members deserves a clear path to success over time in your organization. Our team path to health systems help you implement performance evaluation, pay ranges, promotions, role definitions, and more, all built to maintain your core values so there is a clear rationale and mission behind it all. As your team grows in a step-by-step way, you’ll be able to preserve what makes your group unique and focus on patient health and practice financial success.

Includes all the systems and assets listed below.

Clinical Assistants

  • Assistants Growth Matrix
  • Smile From Within Way Assistants
  • DWMQY Checklist
  • DWMQY Checklist – Covid Patient Advocate Role

Central Support

  • Central Support Growth Matrix
  • DWMQY Checklist


  • Dentist Growth Matrix
  • Smile From Within Way: Dentists
  • DWMQY Checklist
  • Dentist Growth Plan


  • Hygienist Growth Matrix
  • Smile From Within Way: Hygienists
  • DWMQY Checklist
  • High Value Hygiene Report
  • Practice Imaging Guidelines
  • Hygiene Prevention Guidelines

Patient Coordinator

  • Patient Coordinator Growth Matrix
  • Smile From Within Way: Admin
  • DWMQY Checklist
  • Phone Performance Evaluation
  • Smile From Within 90 Days
  • 5 Basics of Scheduling

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Make sure your patients continue to move toward health

As you grow, the way you care for others can lose its consistency. When your patients numbers increase, you see compounding issues related to treatment. Your patients see new team members and doctors, and you start to realize that everyone has a different perspective on what it means to move patients to health. When new doctors and team members are all on a different page, patient dissatisfaction and team drama can ramp up. Case acceptance rates and patient retention statistics depend on understanding each patient and what they care about. Our patient-facing systems will help you structure appointments and care delivery so your team is finally on the same page and patients get a consistent experience and see clear value every time they visit the office.

Includes all the systems and assets listed below.

Care Delivery

  • Hygiene Encounter
  • Drop Labeling System
  • Restorative Encounter
  • Structured Care Delivery Protocol
  • Monthly Processing System Guide
  • Cosmetic Reconstruction Encounter / Checklist
  • Implant Encounter / Checklist
  • Invisalign Encounter / Checklist
  • Sleep Encounter / Checklist
  • Health Assurance Menu
  • Patient Partnering Promise
  • Structured Patient Partnering Protocol
  • Financing Menu
  • Brochure
  • Wall Graphics: Patient Growth Path
  • Patient Path to Health Matrix

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You don’t have to sacrifice practice health while you grow

Growth at the expense of profit can happen to all of us. With each expansion, inefficiencies reveal themselves. You find yourself investing time and money reacting to mounting issues. With so many moving parts, success becomes harder to understand. When it becomes obvious you need to reinvest in resources to get your growing business organized, this package will help you clearly see the financial health of your organization, how to improve it, and how to prepare for growth.

Includes all the systems and assets listed below.

Mission – Vision – Value

  • The Smile From Within Way
  • A Vision for Fulfilling our Mission
  • Our Mission
  • Our Values
  • Practice Health Matrix
  • Central Support Services
  • Poster: Make Teeth Last
  • Poster: Smile Health
  • Wall Graphics: Practice Growth Path
  • Wall Graphics: Team Growth Path
  • Org Chart Example
  • Poster: 3 Paths to Health

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