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Methods to get your dental group back on track

No matter what you’re facing, we’ve been there. Methods to grow again, by the Smile From Within Growth Platform for dental groups.

Values lead to better decisions and more stable practices

When you’re in crisis mode, values are likely the last thing on your mind. But lacking a value system is often the cause of challenges for dental groups because they help you evaluate every decision. We can help you define a value system so that you always know why you’re doing what you do.

Systems help you scale in a healthier way

Growth is impossible if you don’t know how things get done day to day. Before you can scale up, shore up the business of running your business. The most successful practices have defined, consistent operational methods. We can help you create reusable systems to scale up as you bring in more patients and open more practices.

Tools make your team more efficient and reduce waste

Many practices waste time and energy on repetitive tasks. This reduced your production capacity and makes growth more difficult. We’ve built custom tools to automate common time-wasting tasks, and create new opportunities in your practice. We use them every day in our own practices to attract new patients, streamline operations, and spur growth.

Support keeps you from reinventing the wheel

We all feel our challenges are unique, but every dental practice faces essentially the same set of challenges. Inventing new approaches drains energy and—worse—limits progress when a solution doesn’t work out how you expect. Instead, get support from our team of experienced dental group owners. We’ll help you apply expedient solutions so you can solve challenges sooner.

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