The Smile From Within Way

Scale your dental group by using this proven value system as the foundation for everything you do.

We’ve experienced growing pains at every stage of growth in our dental groups.

From de novo startup to ramp up to multi doctor group to multiple locations in multiple states, we’ve seen the distress and chaos that each expansion can bring. But we’ve also learned a very simple and profound truth, regardless of the stage:

We’ve learned how important it is to have a fundamental set of values that everyone in the organization can turn to for guidance.

Everything we do in our dental practices is informed by our values. Our values determine every system we employ, team member we hire, product we use, ad we place, patient we care for, conversation we have with another team member, and decision we make within our organization.

But most practices don’t even define their values, and that makes every decision more difficult.

The Smile From Within Way is a value system for organizational development, training, and cultural growth. It will help you find new employees who fit your culture and values, train them to mesh with your team, evaluate performance, choose the right systems and tools, and tackle other team and operational challenges.

Each value in the Smile From Within Way provides a solid direction and strategy for growing your practice and team while also increasing your ability to advocate for health within your community.

While the Smile From Within Way is a detailed system that includes values, strategies, and tactics, here is a high level overview of the values that determine the entire system.

Illustration: Value 1: Discover Your Inner Smile

Value 1: Discover Your Inner Smile

First, each team member should look inward. Connecting with yourself and choose to grow within your role in this organization. Discover ways you personally identify with our dental group’s role in creating patient health. Use your thoughtfulness and learn about your personal strengths that you uniquely bring to our collective effort.

Illustration: Value 2: Partner to Serve Others

Value 2: Partner to Serve Others

Consider how you work with others in your role: our patients, team, and the community we live and practice in. Learn to value our ability to create amazing outcomes and to support others in what matters to them.

Illustration: Value 3: Organize Well for Good Results

Value 3: Organize Well for Good Results

Once you discover both inward and outward motivation, use this knowledge to learn, implement, and evolve standardized systems within our dental group that deliver consistently great outcomes for our patients, team, and practice.

Illustration: Value 4: Learn, Laugh, and Grow. Even When It’s Hard.

Value 4: Learn, Laugh, and Grow. Even When It’s Hard.

Adopt a healthy way to deal with adversity, and choose a growth-oriented mindset. Our organization values professional, technical, and leadership development in all roles. Discover how you can grow and lead in your role. Choose to see change as an inevitable reality in our industry and learn manage it proactively.

Illustration: Value 5: Create a Healthy Community

Value 5: Create a Healthy Community

We are creative rather than reactive. We value moving people to health and helping them stay there. We also recognize and value our role as leaders in the larger community.

Using the Smile From Within Way

We believe that as our team members grow, so will our practices. Values are core to all facets of growth.

However, the wrong value system can be misleading. Many organizations pick values arbitrarily, and end up losing focus. Not surprisingly, growth will stall when every team member has a different understanding of what’s important to the organization.

We know these values work because we use them every day. We provide this core value system to you totally free, because we’ve learned firsthand that it’s a great way to run a dental group that creates health for patients and our communities while scaling up business concerns too.