Systems & Products

Tools to grow and operate a thriving dental group using your values as a guide

Our systems and products are part of a broader system built upon the Smile From Within Way. Tools are grouped by value so you can find the best solution for any given challenge or goal.


PracticeWater Management

Value 1: Find Your Inner Smile

Get the right level of support for your dental group’s current stage of growth.

Whether you’re facing critical challenges or experiencing more growth than you can handle, PracticeWater can provide the right level of support to restore your practice to business health and keep it there.

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Value 2: Partner to Serve Others

The most expensive item in your dental practice is an open chair. CareSchedule will help you keep your chairs full. This is a new product we are currently testing in our own practices. We look forward to sharing it with you soon.

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Drop Delivery System

Drop Delivery System

Value 3: Organize Well for Good Results

Modular Drop boxes provide a simple organizational system that’s easy to replicate across practices, offices, and rooms while removing the hassle of restocking and finding supplies.

Launch new startup practices on a smaller investment. Open new operatories quickly. Remodel an old practice by implementing a new, more efficient care delivery system that takes very little time and energy to maintain.

Drop delivery system helps reduce waste and supply costs so you can focus on patients rather than supply distractions.

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Smile From Within Academy

Value 4: Learn, Laugh, and Grow, Even When It’s Hard

The Smile From Within Academy will offer online training for team members of every experience level. New staff can take 6 months or more of training and ramp-up, but the academy will get them up-to-speed and pulling their own weight quickly. Foster personal and professional growth for your entire team, evaluate performance, and encourage leadership.

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Health Assurance

Health Assurance

Value 5: Create a Healthy Community

A growing number of people don’t have dental insurance, but dentistry is priced as if every patient has insurance. Accordingly, very few patients go to the dentist because the cost is hard to understand. Most show up after years away because they have a dental emergency. All the while our professional lives seem to be ruled by dental insurance. Health Assurance is the solution for your practice and the uninsured in your community.

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