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Each Stage of Your Growth Puts Your Values to the Test in a Different Way.

There’s a downside to growth; every growing practice eventually reaches a tipping point where expansion leads to drifting away from what is really important.

Suddenly you are turning all of your attention toward team member drama or problems with getting systems to stick. Your admin department is overwhelmed. Your practice feels unorganized. Your providers are changing their own processes, which seemingly makes it impossible to streamline your operations and improve quality. Then a key team member leaves and your operation starts to reveal its true vulnerability. You are spending your energy on everything but your patients. And that’s a problem.

Our team has weathered outrageous growth in multiple dental practices, and we know what it’s like on the front lines when the appointment books are bursting, the phones are ringing off the hook, and no one can figure out where the fluoride varnish disappeared to.

We’ve done this by continuing to apply these values in new and innovative ways. When you work in a value driven way, challenges become become a catalyst for growth.

We want to help you grow a more resilient practice just like we did.

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