Our Story

We’re Smile From Within, and we create healthy patients, teams, and dental groups.

We started as one private dental practice, grew to a group of four practices, and now we offer our own systems, services, and products to others.

Advocating the personal side of dentistry while continuing to grow. Dentistry has changed in so many ways since I started in 2005. Dental insurance and huge corporations have dramatically impacted our profession. Over the same period of time, fewer and fewer adults are visiting the dentist. Dentistry is increasingly being confused as a commodity and patients are starting to see short term, low value, impersonal transactions in the dental office as the norm. Unfortunately, you can’t win in the future of dentistry by trying to hold on to old ways. We are in constant pursuit of finding new ways to partner with and support patients over time.

Teaching how to scale your authenticity. Your dental group doesn’t have to make a choice between authenticity and growth. You don’t have to languish as a mom & pop operation to maintain your personal touch. We advocate methods for scaling up dental groups in a modern way. It’s not so much about being big or small. We believe that whoever creates the healthiest community is the practice who succeeds in the future. We want to continue to find ways to grow our organization as long as growth leads to a fuller expression of our five core values.

Practicing before we preach. Every single idea, system, product, and approach is tested in our own dental practices first. We don’t sell products for the sake of selling products but to achieve results in your group. We know what it’s like to spend exorbitant amounts on complex systems and dental consultants that end up not even moving the needle. We field test every idea we present to you and share how we used it and why it worked, so that if you implement correctly, you can get the same results. We can even help you implement.

I’m Dr. Josh Renken and I help dental groups grow.

Smile From Within is created by Dr. Joshua Renken.

When I started my career in dentistry, I thought for sure I would have a solo practice until I was 65 and retire. However, after a short time in my first practice I learned that the world is changing and dentistry will have to evolve with it.

The challenge for me is how to adapt and change while still getting better for our patients, our team, and our business.

The answer I’ve discovered is the Smile From Within Way. The more successfully we express each of its values, the more healthy growth we enjoy together.

My Background:

Dr. Joshua Renken, a central Illinois native, attended Eastern Illinois University and then the University of Illinois at Chicago where he received his DDS degree. Following associate work in Chicago, Dr. Renken moved to Springfield and opened his first practice, Renken Dentistry, in 2003. He now owns Renken Dentistry and schon dental and has recently opened two more de novo practices in the Austin Texas area.

Our Practices

Renken Dentistry: Springfield, IL

Our first dental practice founded by Dr. Joshua Renken in 2005. Starting from scratch, we learned by trial and error. But fast growth lead to the construction of two professional buildings to support our future expansion. Of course, we still find new challenges, but over the last seven years this practice has tripled in size.

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Schön Dental

We built schon dental to serve patients who wanted an in-network solution for care. We also wanted a place for new dentists in our group to get started and to see if our care system was right for them. We built this practice trying to focus our efforts and reduce costs as much as possible. We succeeded in cutting per operatory costs by 70% compared to our first buildout.

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Renken Dentistry: Crystal Falls, TX

Needing to diversify, we recently expanded into a growth market. We found a great location in the fast-expanding Austin metro area. This startup gave us the opportunity to fully employ our Drop Delivery System to streamline our startup operations. With this new practice we also grew our centralized management systems to cover two different geographical areas in the country.

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Renken Dentistry: Georgetown, TX

Our latest new dental practice startup, also serving residents in the Austin, TX area, is nestled in a retail setting in another high growth neighborhood. Adjacent to a large retirement community, this location is allowing us to further develop split shifting and our Health Assurance membership program.

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Our Team